Samuel Häde, born in 1993, is a solo documentary filmmaker, embodying the roles of an author, cameraman and editor to craft compelling narratives. His journey into the heart of storytelling began during a three-year exploration across countries such as Iran, India, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and the southern Philippines. This transformative experience laid the foundation for a unique cinematic approach to portray the rich diversity of human existence.

Equipped with a diploma in film and television at one of Australia's leading film schools (JMC Academy), Samuel has cultivated his distinct cinematic signature. As a freelancer within the funk network (ARD/ZDF) he collaborates with Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) on various projects.

In his voluntary engagement with the NGO gafca (German Association for Central Asia), Samuel contributes his skills to development aid efforts for Afghanistan.

Recognized for his achievements, Samuel was honored by "medium magazin" in 2021, ranking among the top 30 newcomer journalists under the age of 30.

Since 2022, Samuel has become one of the faces of a new travel documentary series, launched on ARD Mediathek. Under the category "Young Adventurers" Samuel captures the essence of travel through his lens, showcasing the richness and diversity of cultures, as well as the nuanced stories that shape our world.

Today Samuel is based in Tbilisi, Georgia shifting his focus in and around the Caucasus region.