Samuel Häde, born 1993, works as a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker in Berlin. During a three year long journey across countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, India, Tajikistan and the southern Philippines he developed a sincere interest for humanitarian crisis and geopolitical events.

Through his travels and a diploma in film and television at one of Australias leading filmschools Samuel created his own cinematic handwriting. Samuel is part of the funk network (ARD/ZDF) and works as a freelance filmmaker for the public TV channel Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).

Next to a strong focus on human fates in crisis areas Samuel also reports about socio-critical themes. With his engagement for the NGO gafca (German Association for Central Asia) Samuel uses his skills voluntary in the development cooperation for Afghanistan.

In 2021, the “medium magazin” ranked Samuel among the top 30 journalists under the age of 30.